Discovery Cove, the ultimate tropical paradise

Discovery Cove is the ultimate tropical paradise where you do it all – all in one place.

Swimming with dolphins is the centerpiece of a daylong adventure at Discovery Cove, located adjacent to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Interacting one-on-one with a bottlenose dolphin is just one of the several experiences in this exotic tropical oasis that will stay with you for a lifetime.

At Discovery Cove you will snorkel through colorful reefs teeming with thousands of tropical fish, explore underwater shipwrecks and mysterious grottos, and lazily swim down a tropical river with rocky waterfalls and a freshwater lagoon. Snorkelers glide among stingrays – surprisingly gentle creatures that don’t really sting at all, but do grow up to 4 feet in diameter – and stare down dangerous sharks and barracuda – as you safely swim within inches.

Swimming under a picturesque waterfall, you emerge from the pristine waters in a huge aviary towering over both water and land. Here you can play with more than 300 tropical birds.

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Want to feel the playful nudge of a dolphin? Discovery Cove is the ultimate paradise you can call your own. Swim with dolphins, rays and thousands of tropical fish. No barriers. No crowds. No place like it.

Your Discovery Cove adventure will include:

  • Discovery Cove admission
  • Reserved dolphin swim experience
  • Unlimited access to all swim and snorkeling areas and the free-flight aviary
  • A sumptuous meal
  • Use of a mask, snorkel, swim vest, towel, locker and other amenities
  • All-day self parking
  • Seven day pass to SeaWorld Orlando